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We hope you like our site. Here you will find lots of advice about babies and being a parent: making babies, pregnancy, the birth, and looking after your new baby. There are lots of articles about having a baby, illnesses you should know about, and tips on making life easier for you and your pride and joy. There are tips too on working from home. You don’t need telling that having a baby is expensive, especially the first one; so spend your money wisely. Many Mums contribute to the family budget by working at home while their baby is young, we tell you what works and the things that don’t. There’s also help with choosing a baby name and name meanings – choosing a name for your baby is one of the most important things you will do for your baby other than giving her life itself.

If you are expecting your first baby then your life is going to change in so many ways. Planning ahead will help you ease into your new life, so get reading!

If you are expecting a baby do you know whether it will be a boy or a girl? If you can work out when baby was conceived then the ancient Chinese may be able to tell you! It’s a bit of fun – or is it? Both our kids turned out as predicted, and when we try it on friends they score well above the 50% correct that you would expect! Then find out about the characteristics of babies born under the relevant zodiac sign and Chinese year sign! Don’t believe in star signs? Ok, but I bet you can’t resist reading about your baby’s!

Baby Names

Need help choosing a name for baby? We have lots of articles that we hope are both amusing and helpful. It is said that a name is the most important thing you will give your baby apart from life itself, so take your time before you make up your mind. Do you go for a traditional name? Or do you want to be different? Read about the pros and cons.

Latest News

The Chinese New Year took place on February 10th and runs until January 30th, 2014. Read about the character traits of babies born during the Year of the Snake. If your baby is due after that date, he or she will be born under the Chinese year of the Horse.

Health Tip: Start your baby on Omega-3 fish oils, not by mouth; snip the end off the capsule and rub the oil gently into the thick skin on the inside of the ankles. It will be fully absorped and go straight into the bloodstream. Apply at night after bathtime.

It’s harder to sing while you are pregnant! A new study has found that women find it harder to sing while they are pregnant. Maybe it’s me, but doesn’t this seem a strange thing to study?

Truth can be stranger than fiction. The following names have been found in the US census: Nice Carr; Garage Empty; Post Office; and Emma Royds. The world has gone crazy.

If you are using IVF treatment to try for a baby, new research conducted by Harvard Medical School shows that just a few glasses of wine each week will reduce your chances of conceiving by 18%. And men who drink 2 pints of beer in a week reduce their chances of fathering a baby by 18%. These figures rise dramatically with increased consumption.

Free iPhone App

There’s a free iPhone app that will show you how your expected baby is developing day by day. To get it go to www.whattoexpect.com/iphone.

Parents are increasingly choosing baby names that are rising in popularity rather than ones that have been popular for some time. Looks like Jack will not fill the number one spot this year for the first time in 13 years!

Latest information released by the Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths shows that around half of all cot dealths happen when baby is sharing a bed with a parent or parent and baby are asleep on a sofa.

Smoking during pregnancy increases your baby’s chances of being asthmatic by 6 times a Swedish study has found. Give it up.

Folic Acid
The Government are encouraging women of child bearing age to take folic acid. Although this is available in tablet form, many experts reckon that 90% of supplements taken as tablets wash straight through your body. There is a natural source, aloe vera gel drink is a wonderful health drink that contains all the vitamins, minerals and amino acids that your body needs.

Don’t use baby’s car seat as a crib. A study in the journal Pediatrics finds that babies may not get enough oxygen when they spend too much time in the carriers that double as car seats. Apparently the problem is the angled position: baby’s airways can be occluded and the chest wall compressed. So use the car seat when travelling, but if baby is asleep at the end of the journey (aren’t they always!) don’t carry the seat indoors and leave baby sleeping. Of course it is tempting, but better to transfer baby to a crib or cot.

Morning sickness is good for baby!
Next time you are cuddling the loo and throwing up, bear in mind that, according to a study in Canada, mums who have morning sickness have children with higher IQ levels. Makes it all worthwhile doesn’t it?!!